Our Services

Need Money for the Case

It cost money to be well represented in a divorce hearing. That’s where we can help you. We can facilitate a loan against the equity in your property settlement to all you to fund a successful litigation.Want more info? »

Want to move on and find love?

The emotional distress after a break up is significant. Sometimes it can be hard to re establish yourself is your are force back into the work force. We can offer and alternative. You can access the fund in your property settlement to give you time and even possible a break to get your head clear to make the important decisions.

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What to still have the house you live in?

One party may leave the house after a separation but cash flow is still need to pay the mortgage. The solution is where we cn help you by accessing the equity in the property settlement to get your lifestyle maintained.Want more Info? »

Our Company

My Legal Funding is a newly formed company that is going to grow.

It has taken the vision of our founder, a medical professional with an MBA, to see that there is a need for a boutique service to provided finance support of particular market sectors that are not well serviced by other players in the industry.

We assists in funding the various out of pocket disbursements for your personal injury claim, family law claims and class action claims.  View More