Class action claims


Queensland-based law firm Shine Lawyers is investigating a class action against Apple Inc to get compensation for users of older iPhones affected by updates that slow down their smartphones. In mid-December, when Reddit members discovered that Apple had issued updates that caused older iPhones to slow, the tech giant issued a formal statement that these updates were to prolong the life of devices.

Shine Lawyers is looking into a class action for older iPhone users in Australia affected by Apple’s slowing of their devices.

Class actions were then filed across the United States against Apple, claiming it defrauded iPhone users by slowing their phones without warning to make up for poor battery performance. A case was also filed in Israel.

Now, Australia might have its own class action with Shine Lawyers saying the firm was considering taking its own legal action against the technology giant and encouraging affected Australian iPhone users to come forward.

Crown Resorts

shareholders have launched a class action against the gambling giant for a sharp drop in its share price following the arrest of 18 employees in China. Law firm Maurice Blackburn alleges shareholders in James Packer’s company suffered losses when Crown shares dropped almost 14 per cent after the staff were detained for “gambling crimes” in police raids in October last year. The Federal Court statement of claim alleged Crown breached the Corporations Act by failing to make timely and accurate disclosures to the market about the risks it was taking in China and engaged in misleading or deceptive conduct about Chinese market growth.

Maurice Blackburn’s head of class actions, Andrew Watson, said Crown took a gamble amid Chinese government warnings that it intended to crack down on foreign casinos marketing to its citizens on the mainland. “Shareholders should have been apprised of the risks that Crown was taking in China and the threat they posed to the company’s revenue streams,” he said

Volkswagen AG (VW), Audi AG (Audi) and Skoda Auto a.s. (Skoda)

In November 2015, Maurice Blackburn launched Australia’s first and only class actions against European vehicle giants,  following the global diesel emissions scandal being exposed.

Here in Australia that scandal has impacted around 100,000 motorists with millions more victims elsewhere across the globe.  We believe our class actions provide Australian motorists with the best opportunity to hold these major vehicle manufacturers to account and to obtain appropriate compensation.

Our class actions are brought on behalf of every person impacted by the diesel emissions scandal here in Australia who holds an interest in any of these affected 1.6 litre or 2.0 litrediesel engine Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda cars.

Media reports have also suggested that certain 3.0 litre diesel engine Porsche, Audi and Volkswagen vehicles may have also contained prohibited ‘defeat devices’ in contravention of Australian laws, which enabled them to cheat on emissions tests.  These allegations have been denied by the Volkswagen and we are continuing to investigate these potential claims.