Recommended Solicitors

We have a network of respected and professional legal practitioners in all sates with expertise in all areas of legal practice that are willing to work with us.

For the legal practitioners is simplifies financial risks of financing your clients’ legal disbursements.

Practice Benefits

  • Reduce your bank overdraft.
  • Reduce your interest costs.
  • Greater cash flow and overall profitability.
  • No involvement in  employment or income checks

 How does it work?

  • You contact us and we work with your  firm and approve an overall credit facility for your firm’s disbursements.
  • Loan applications are between us and your client(s).
  • You decide which disbursements to fund.
  • When required, the practice requests drawing or part drawing of an approved loan.
  • Funding of approved loans will be processed quickly
  • No repayments are due until settlement of the matter.
  • Full repayment of the loan occurs directly from settlement proceeds.

How do I apply?

Call on 1300948454 to discuss the options available.