What We Do

We are a newly formed company that is going to grow.

It has taken the vision of our founder, a medical professional with an MBA, to see that there is a need for a boutique service to provided finance support of particular market sectors that are not well serviced by other players in the industry.

We assists in funding the various out of pocket disbursements for your personal injury claim, family law claims and class action claims.

We require an application form to be completed with relevant identification. The application form can be obtained from one of our panel of approved solicitor firms, who will make all the necessary arrangements.

Upon loan approval, we establish a credit facility in your name and your solicitor instructs us when to release funds to their Trust account to pay for your disbursements. Interest and fees are applicable your credit facility.

Our loans are non-recourse, which means repayment is only required if your legal claim is successful.

If your claim is unsuccessful, we will not seek any repayment from you. Rather, we will call upon a guarantee provided by your Solicitor firm. (Your solicitor may seek recourse from you to recover a guarantee payment from you, but this is dependent on the firm’s cost agreement. Ask your solicitor).

Interest is only payable on funds and fees drawn.

The repayment of your loan is settled from the funds received from your claim.